MAYSTRO bridal shoes

Chain of bridal and evening shoe stores Tel Aviv 7 Shlomo Road Street  And at Kiryat gat haoreg 2  Street

About us: for over 60 years (since 1953) we've been making women shoes, both bride shoes and evening. The shoes are being made by hand, according to your special design requirements. We put the emphasis on a high quality of materials and superb labor, as well as on maximal comfortability.
At our factory you can speak directly with the designer and maker of the shoes, Rafael Maestro, change the shoe straps location if needed, chose your own special color, and the heel size.

The founders, Rafael and his son Avi, are 3rd and 4th generation of shoes makers and designers. You are warmly invited to visit our factory store at No. 7 Shlomo Road St. In jaffa, and pick from a wide variety of bride and evening shoes the most suitable model for you, or make a special order based on your special requirements and personal taste, of the shoes you're going to marsh with on your wedding night, dance with, or wear in the evenings when you go out.